MEXICO — Revenues and unspent designated funds came in higher than expected as the books closed on June 30.

Town Manager John Madigan said Wednesday that the higher revenues, particularly from excise tax, and a mild winter combined with funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency means that the anticipated property tax hike will be lower than originally expected.

The precise tax increase won’t be known until August following the annual financial review by the town’s auditor later this month, Madigan said.

The current tax rate is $19.85 per $1,000 valuation. Madigan said the rate will likely rise less than one mill.

He said none of the municipal accounts were overdrawn this year, and the town took in more excise tax money this year, at $332,000, than last year.

Also at Tuesday’s selectmen’s meeting, a variety of recreation department matters were settled, including the award for the contracts for the repair of two dugouts and a garage door at the recreation park.

The dugouts, door and other items, were severely damaged during two rounds of vandalism in May and June.

Construction Caterers of Mexico will repair the dugouts at a cost of $1,364, and the garage and entrance doors for $1,270. Insurance received for those items, as well as for damage done to a recreation department truck, will cover the costs.

Madigan said another attempt, this time unsuccessful, was made recently to gain entrance to the park, located off Route 17, at the gate that divides the park from the highway department.

He said the Mexico Police Department has installed several surveillance cameras at various sites in the park.

In a related matter, a fifth, and final municipal sign has been erected at the main entrance to the recreation park. Others, all created by Erik Designs of Rumford, are located on highways at the town’s entrances.

In other matters:

The annual Night of Appreciation was set for Sept. 30. Residents are asked to submit nominations for Volunteer of the Year and Citizen of the Year to the town office.

Two more tax-acquired properties have been sold. They are: land and buildings on Howard Street, $4,500; and land and buildings on Osgood Avenue, $7,000. The town had originally bid out five tax-acquired properties. Only one remains.

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