I was both shocked and saddened at the arrest of an 84-year-old homeless man in the Norway area (Aug. 4). If the man were truly homeless, he obviously needs help, not jail.

I wonder whatever happened to families taking care of their own.

It seems that an agency on aging would be able to better serve this poor man than being in a jail cell.

Not knowing the full circumstances, I had to rethink the original letter I had written, calling the police out for taking the man’s dog and arresting him. I will refrain from harsh judgment, as I am hoping there were extenuating circumstances surrounding the case.

I certainly hope his situation wasn’t as it sounded, because it sounded really awful. They told him not to loiter, but where do they expect him to go? Home? He doesn’t have one. They took his dog away, possibly the only thing he loves. They put him in jail, when it’s probable that what he really needs is some psychological or medical help.

I only hope someone can direct that man to the proper venues to allow him to be safe and cared for. Arresting him was ridiculous and not the answer.

Alma Jordan-Ames, Buckfield

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