Residents of Lewiston can be sure of two things: Between Mark LaFlamme’s endless defamation of our city with his continued talk of drugs, hookers, bandits, unsavory Kennedy Park wandering characters (the list is endless), and the Sun Journal’s big, bold headline announcing that 80 percent of Lewiston is infested with bedbugs, who would ever want to call Lewiston their home?

I can assure you that there are no bedbugs in my home or in the homes of many friends and family who live in Lewiston.

Perhaps those people in charge of such headlines are, indeed, living in bug-infested homes and are the reason for believing the exterminator’s stories. Can you not find more enhancing headlines?

Shame on the Sun Journal.

While on the subject, in the Aug. 4 Sun Journal, the mayor of Reading, Pa., created a new online “wall of shame,” featuring blighted properties. Now, there’s a chance to clean up our cities. Does the council have the courage to initiate such a project, or are they afraid to offend someone of importance in our fair city?

What do you see as welcoming when you exit the turnpike and head west into our “All-America City?” Talk about blight.

Yes, today, I’ve had enough, and, yes, I am angry and insulted at the goings-on in Lewiston.

Rachel A. Cyr, Lewiston

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