The subtitle of “I Love You Even Though…” by Rebecca M. Schuler and Christine W. Regan (Andrews McMeel Publishing; $9.99), is “A gift of love from her to him.” This little gift is part sweet love letter, part back-handed compliment. It is about those things that make us grit our teeth and bite our tongues … and sometimes they are the spark for knock-down-drag-out fights.

Ladies, if you’ve ever lived with someone you love very, very much, you’ve experienced the feelings expressed in this book. I love you even though…

“You consider all asking to be nagging.”

“The outside of your truck sports more bling than the inside of my jewelry box.”

“You flatter me with compliments, such as pointing out how much I remind you of my mother.”

“You always forget at least three items on the grocery list.”

More charming than the words are the red-and-white drawings that cover each page — everything from a dog in the back of a pickup truck to variety of patterned hearts.

Although it sometimes dips into territory that cuts too close to the bone, the slim book ends on a terribly sweet moment.

If you prefer the funny pages over relationship counseling (and heck, who doesn’t?), check out “If You Loved Me, You’d Think This Was Cute,” by Nick Galifianakis (Andrews McMeel Publishing; $12.99).

Readers of Caroline Hax’s relationships advice column in the Washington Post will no doubt recognize the biting, hilarious panel comics. The collection is subtitled “Uncomfortably True Cartoons About You.” Even without Hax’s insightful comments, the cartoons stand on their own.

Galifianakis might be a familiar name to those of your who are fans of his cousin, actor Zack Galifianakis (“The Hangover,” “Youth in Revolt”). His dry wit makes an appearance, too, in the form of a foreword that seems to say nothing at all, but gives a neat little biography — of course, it’s more about Zack than Nick. It’s the acknowledgements that held the most interesting tidbit about the cartoonist — he and Hax were once married.

What better person to take relationship advice (and to make you laugh over relationship foibles) than a person who works every day with an ex?

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