Objective: Tape-to-tape passes on the breakout

Key elements: Passing/receiving, communication, skating , positioning with good support/target, passing while in motion

Organization: This can be used as a full-ice or half-ice drill. In each end, two groups of players form lines line between the hash marks and the goal line with pucks. One side starts with the first player skating with a puck behind the net to make a tape-to-tape pass to the first player in the opposite line on the other side. As that player receives the puck he takes off, skating to the back of the net to make the same pass to the next player on the opposite side as this is a continuous drill.

Variations: You can tweak the drill with a slightly different variation as the season progresses, just to keep it fresh. Some days the passes have to be tape-to-tape, and sometimes flip passes, board passes or rims for the wings to work on taking the puck off the boards. Lots of variations to keep the players interested.

Enjoy the drill and have fun learning!

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