LEWISTON — The Center for Wisdom’s Women recently received an $8,000 gift from the founders of the center. The Daughters of Wisdom, a Roman Catholic congregation of Sisters, envisioned and opened the center in 1999.

In 2008, the congregation found they could no longer maintain the work and decided they would need to close the center. In the nine years the Daughters of Wisdom operated the center, they logged more than 22,000 visits from 1,000 individual women.

A group of local women felt that the center was too good a resource for the community to loose and approached the Daughters of Wisdom about allowing them to keep it going. With the support of the founders, the new center is in its third year.

The Daughters of Wisdom have continued to financially support the center with contributions annually and they have pledged to continue to do so in a decreasing amount each year through 2014.

“We are so grateful to the Daughters of Wisdom,” said Executive Director Klara Tammany. “They began a good work here and their ongoing support speaks of a commitment that continues to change lives.”

Tammany also noted how important the partnership is in that ongoing gifts from the Daughters of Wisdom are helping to buy time as the center builds its own donor base.

Sr. Ann Cassagrande in sending the recent donation wrote: “We thank you for the continued presence to the people in the area who are in such need of Wisdom’s care and attention to their various needs.”

For more information on the Center for Wisdom’s Women, visit www.wisdomswomen.org.

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