Cyber-bullying is not necessary. Kids have committed suicide because of cyber-bullying. What they don’t understand is that they have the power to put down the electronics and go outside, or they could just disregard the cyber bully.

According to information on the Web, chances are that a cyber bully is younger and weaker than his or her victims. Bullies probably wouldn’t say it to their victims’ faces, that’s why they say it online.

The best thing to do when being bullied is to stop talking to the bully; report them, and if they keep bugging the victim, then the victim should block them. Most sites have a block feature which allows the user to shut out another user from talking to them or sending them messages. Or the victim could just find some other site or way to talk to friends.

All sites should have a “report” area so viewers could explain why they are reporting. Then the site should have a digital record to back up the explanation. If the digital record shows the proof, the cyber bully’s account should be terminated.

Parents and kids need to encourage online networking sites to help put a stop to cyber bullying.

Eric Jordan, student, Auburn Middle School

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