AUBURN — Fox Ridge Golf Club recently played host to a pair of holes-in-one.

Sarah Swann Van Fleet recorded her ace Sunday at Fox Ridge Golf Club. Van Fleet used a 9-iron on the 89-yard 13th hole. Jim Van Fleet witnessed the shot.

In an MSGA tournament, Hal Stewart of Hermon aced the same hole, which played 105 yards for the men. Stewart used a pitching wedge. Randy Ossinger, Tony Reynolds and Mike Cole were witnesses.

Fox Ridge

AUBURN — Meet, Greet & Eat Scramble: Kelly Cates/Mike McKew/James Pelletier/Peg Bauer -10, Bob Washburn/Rachel Therrien/Matt Carroll/Randy Camire -8, Perry Goodspeed/Loren Cayer/Lydia Havey/Bill Bauer -7. Pins, No. 3, Tracy Cloutier 11-3, Mike Garey 30-9; No. 5, Sue Dostie 14-6, Linda Gross 22-0 1/2; No. 13, Matt Carroll 13-0 1/2, Jami Godin 30-0; No. 16, Jami Godin 23-6, Bill Sherman 43-8.

The Meadows

LITCHFIELD — Friday Skins Game: Gross, Paul Tanguay (No. 14), Ken Lizotte (17); Net, Mike Beaule (17). Pins, No. 15, Rick Leeman 16-1; No. 17, Mike Beaule 21-0, Ken Lizotte 43-3.

Monday Morning Men: Ken Lizotte -1, Jim Tracy -1. Pins, No. 3, Jim Tracy 17-5; No. 17, Ken Lizotte 12-4.


LEEDS — Blind draw two-ball: Gross, Tom Tiner/Trent Murphy 74; Net, Rick Carleton/Michael Pietroski 62, Dick Therrien/Brandon Marcotte 62. Pins, No. 2, Brandon Marcotte 11-3; No. 8, Fred Warner 12-11; No. 13, Jeff Marcotte 7-10; No. 15, Ray Roy 37-0. Skins, Gross, Tyler Foster (3), Tom Tiner (4), Ron Leeman (5), Michael Pietroski (16), Scott Foster (17), Brandon Marcotte (18); Net, Tyler Foster (3, 12), Tom Tiner (4), Jim Murphy (13), Michael Pietroski (16), Scott Foster (17), Brandon Marcotte (18).


POLAND — ABCD, best ball: Gross, Scott Lever/Dick Boucher/Dave Sullivan/Matt Susbury 158, Dan Lavoie/David Lever/Don Hawthorne/Pete Peterson 162, Scott McCurdy/P.G. Cote/Bob Bolduc/Mark Blankenship 162; Net, Greg Emery/Richard Grant/Dave Depot/Norm Polley 130, John Lever/Fred Barber/Kevin Casey/Bob Coyle 133, Dave McGowan/Steve Caouette/Fern Asselin/Bill Kennedy 133. Pins, No. 11, Pete Godin 7-5, Carl Hallman 8-8, Dave Sullivan 9-10; No. 13, Scott Lever 4-9, Rich Asselin 10-7, Bill Kennedy 10-9. 50/50, Jake Congelton.


AUBURN — Saturday, April 30: Men, Gross, Brian Bilodeau 75, Neil Mayo 78, Jim Thornton 79, Tim Jordan 81, Pete Ashton 82, Dale Brown 82; Net, Jim Day 68, Ron Blanchette 69, Dan Labonte 72, Paul Pinette 72, Fred Hall Jr. 73, Garry Curtis 73. Women, Gross, Pat Kordalski 85, Karen Nicole 87; Net, Melissa Johnson 71, Audrey Fillion 73. Four-ball, Gross, Brian Bilodeau/Mike Morrone/Kevin Dean/Sanjay Mukerji 68, Dan Cailler/Jim Thornton/Jim Hood/Marc Kannegieser 69; Net, Mitch Sweetser/Mark Rock/Dan Labonte/Phil Nadeau 61. Skins, Gross, Brian Bilodeau (1), Gary Goldberg (4), Kevin Dean (5), Bob Blanchette (7), Karen Nicole (11), Jim Thornton (14), Jim Day (16); Net, Al Stasulis (9), Matt Nicole (13).

Apple Valley

LEWISTON — The Apple Valley Women’s Golf League will start May 11.

Tee time is 9 a.m. sharp. Please be there by 8:30 a.m. Dues are $25 to join and $2 per week plus price of course to play.

The Women’s League plays every Wednesday morning. Come join the fun and bring a friend. For more information, call Mary at 783-6804 from 9 a.m. to noon weekdays.

Prospect Hill

AUBURN — Golfers are needed for the Gritty’s Golf League. It is a co-ed, A-B-C-D flight league. Play starts at 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 11. Please contact Peg Bauer at 353-2780 or e-mail [email protected]

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