Bag Lady and Shopping Siren pass through Lisbon and Lisbon Falls with some regularity.

And, with some regularity, we’ve wanted to stop. And wander. And shop.

This week, we finally got our chance and took it — in a big way.

Over the next four weeks we’ll feature Lisbon and Lisbon Falls stores. Moxie socks! Sausage Kitchen jerky! Cedar chests you can use to hide from zombies! (May 27. Mark your calendars.)

This week it’s downtown Lisbon Falls, a pretty, tree-lined Main Street that looks like it belongs in Mayberry or Pleasantville. Sure, some of the storefronts are empty, but there are still plenty of retailers and businesses to make the backyard road trip worthwhile.

Also, we found one of the few places in Central Maine that sells brisket and kugel. That’s chutzpah.


* Magic Bar, Dr. Mike’s Madness Cafe, $2.29

The diner: A taste of retro with sparkly purple booths and cardboard Hollywood cutouts. The bar: Chocolate, coconut, nuts, graham cracker crust, more chocolate. We shared one bar among no fewer than four co-workers — and there were still leftovers. This is how awesome tastes.

* Cream horn, Dr. Mike’s Madness Cafe, $2.29

In actual horn shape. We are easily impressed.

* Brisket and kugel, Dr. Mike’s Madness Cafe, $7.98

On the day we went, “brisket and kugel” was an advertised special that was handwritten on a slip of paper and tacked to a little bulletin board just outside the door. Shopping Siren gasped when she saw this. She adores kugel and hasn’t been able to find it anywhere in Central Maine. (Bag Lady has never had kugel, but Shopping Siren informs her it’s noodley and very good.)  However, we would both have a difficult time returning to Dr. Mike’s and not filling up on Magic.


* Moxie (yes, the soda) socks, Kennebec Fruit, $8

The phrase “Moxie socks” inspires us to pen a Dr. Seuss-style tome about rocks, smocks and dainty locks. Then cash out and make millions. Springing for the socks is probably a good first step.

Pair with:

* Moxie tie, Kennebec Fruit, $15

Brand new this year, and in a demure, matches-everything orange.

* Heart-shaped key chain, Lisbon Falls Florist, $6


Bling-covered heart-shaped key chains in red or white. For anyone who loves bling. Or key chains. Or tiny dancing sparkles of reflection all over their car’s interior as they cruise down the highway on a sunny day. Really, isn’t that all of us?

* Savings jars, Lisbon Falls Florist, $7

Colorful jars labeled “Rainy Day Fund” and “Vacation Fund,” among others. Fun way to save. And then to spend.

* Butterscotch-color prom dress, Size 12, What to Wear?, $37.50

Flouncy, beaded, a fitted bodice and as much tulle as legally allowed. Get it while you can — we’re sorry to say this consignment store is closing.

* Beach bag, What to Wear?, $1.75


Like-new blue beach bag made of an easily wipe-able material and featuring a fun/funky fish pattern. We’re not sure if fish patterns make you stand out or blend in at the seashore.

* L.L. Bean ladies’ suede jacket, large, What to Wear?, $8.75

Go find an L.L. Bean suede jacket anywhere else for under $10. We dare you. 

* Frederick’s of Hollywood silver halter dress, Size 10, What to Wear?, $11.25

Silver, pleated, beaded, mid-calf. Divine. A high school girl has to scoop this up and own the prom.

Best find: Ice-cream-cone-shaped ice cream cups, Lisbon Falls Florist, $5


So delicate, yet pastel-perfect for a kids’ party. As long as they play nice.

Think twice: Consuming more than one Magic bar per week.

Because awesome can still gather at the hips.

Bag Lady and Shopping Siren’s true identities are protected by a pair of stylish, sweater-wearing Doberman pinschers (who epitomize moxie) and the Customer Service counter at the Sun Journal. You can reach them at and

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