BETHEL — A Bethel man was charged Friday with attacking a sheriff’s deputy and with resisting arrest.

James D. Irish, 27, of 93 Chandler Hill Road in Bethel, faces charges of assault on an officer, eluding an officer and violation of condition of release in an incident early Friday morning where he allegedly injured Deputy Matthew Noyes while trying to evade arrest.

Irish was released Friday on $1,500 cash bail.

According to the case synopsis by Deputy George Cayer, Noyes saw a white van driving erratically and turned on his flashers. Irish, the operator of the van, led Noyes on a high-speed chase on Route 26 and onto Chandler Hill Road, according to the report.

The driver abandoned the van and ran up a dirt roadway. Noyes chased him and wrestled him to the ground, but Irish struggled and broke free, the report said.

Noyes chased and caught up with Irish again. According to the report, he tried to use his Taser, but only one prong made contact with Irish. The report said Irish, who weighs 215 pounds, grabbed Noyes and fought him to the ground, striking his head and shoulders against the ground and landing on Noyes, knocking the wind out of him.

After another 30 seconds of struggling, Irish ran again and Noyes chased again, the report said, struggling with him a third time before Irish ran into the darkness. A Maine State Police canine later located Irish and took him down.

Noyes was taken to Stephens Memorial Hospital for a possible concussion and scratches and cuts on his legs and back.

Sheriff Wayne Gallant said Noyes was treated and released the same day. Noyes had cuts and abrasions and his uniform was torn in the struggle, Gallant said, but there was no sign of a concussion. He said Noyes is in good condition and will return to work normally.

Gallant noted there were several charges against Irish. “I hope they pursue them all fully,” he said.

Irish was out on bail after a March domestic violence charge. He is set to appear in Oxford County Superior Court on Sept. 6 at 8:30 a.m.

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