JAY — Selectmen decided Monday to look at a vacant house at 24 Church St. that is being offered to the town.

A holding company that owns it is out of money and walking away from properties, Town Manager Ruth Cushman told the board. The company has offered it to the town.

The single-family home is full of trash, she said. “It’s awful.”

It’s in bad shape and neighbors have complained, Cushman said.

If the town takes it over, she suspects someone would have to be hired to clean it, she said.

Code Enforcement Officer Shiloh Ring looked at the property more than a year ago while it was being foreclosed on.

Ring said Tuesday it was a rental building and the tenants trashed the house and walked out and left everything. There was food everywhere.

Ring most recently went there to check to see if the building is secure. She has been trying to contact the property owners to talk to them, she said.

The holding company has kept up to date with town taxes and owes $446 for this year.

The town wouldn’t take the house for back taxes, Cushman said Monday.

“They want to sign it over,” she said.

Selectmen discussed taking the building over and selling it as is.

The house is near the intersection of Knapp Street.

Resident Pearl Cook asked how the town could put the property out to bid and not be liable for it.

The town would be liable for it from between the time it is given to it and the time it is sold, Cushman said.

Resident Justin Merrill asked if the town would be responsible for asbestos, if any was found in the building.

Selectmen decided to look at the property before a decision is made.

“I would like to see what we’re getting,” board Chairman Steve McCourt said.

If the town accepts the house and decides to sell it, bidders will only be allowed to look at the exterior of the building.

“You can look but you can’t touch,” McCourt said. “What you get is what you get.”

Cushman put the property question on the agenda for the Monday, Nov. 14, selectmen’s meeting.

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