The country of America is the epitome of freedom, liberty and independence.

It offers a standard of life not found anywhere else in the world. Those who live here should recognize the opportunity America offers and should respect her proud history. Most of all, Americans need to honor those who fight for us bearing our flag, as it is the American soldier who protects our freedom, liberty and independence.

There is an undeniable pride to have served this country and to have protected the freedoms and the liberty granted to us through the commitment, foresight and blood of our forefathers. America is the greatest nation on earth and worth protecting.

The American military has become the greatest in the world. It has always fought to establish order and restore freedom to the countries it engages.

Overseas, the military is a symbol of stability and a role model of freedom to the innocent citizens it is there to protect. It fights the evil of the world with more than just guns and explosives; it fights, and wins, because of hard work and the pure American spirit that this country was founded on.

In battle today, the American military faces a faceless enemy; it confronts an ideal that has existed indefinitely throughout the history of the known nations. Yet the American military does not back down, especially when its homeland is threatened and attacked. The soldiers don’t just go to war to defeat terrorism; they spread the pride of American liberty and sovereignty to the rest of the world. They represent the most free country on the planet, and should be proud that they do so.

For over 200, America has possessed liberties that other countries can only dream of. Our Founding Fathers had a vision of a country that would always be a driving force in the world. They created a Constitution and a government system that exemplifies the American Dream and way of life.

Our forefathers’ ideals and beliefs are still alive today and make the United States of America what it is.

Today, we depend on those who are strong, brave and heroic to protect the values envisioned when the Constitution was ratified in 1788, and to make sure than America retains the liberties that it has had for so long. Without the courageousness and valor of the American military, the United States wouldn’t be the nation that it is today.

American soldiers are heroes of the people they protect. They are the reason that America remains the most liberated country in the world. Without the bravery of our soldiers, American freedom and independence would be in danger of destruction.

American citizens owe their lives and their freedoms to our neighbors who fight overseas. The United States military is made up of normal people like us who risk their lives so that we may keep ours. The courage that today’s American soldiers possess is what makes America the country that it is.

There is a great pride in living in the Promised Land; there is an even greater pride in being able to serve in the name of the Promised Land and being able to preserve the rights and freedoms enacted by our forefathers and protecting them for generations to come.

America is the land of the free because of the brave.

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