BETHEL — The Senior College Players of Western Mountains Senior College, based on the premise that participation does not require memorization of scripts, will return for its sixth year with a weekend of theater in early December.

“All but one of the 16-member troupe, Cayte Vogt, are veteran Senior College Player thespians,” said director Lynn Arizzi.

Four of the nine comic and serious plays will be performed from 7 to 9 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 2, and on Saturday, Dec. 3, at McLaughlin Science Center at Gould Academy.

The remaining shorter plays will be divided between the two evenings.

The plays are as follows, with characters portrayed by Norman Milliard, Lorrie Hoeh, Joanne Morse, Tineke Ouwinga, Carole Timberlake, Lynn Mason, Joe Arizzi, Ross Timberlake, Barbara Dion, Rosabelle Tifft, Roberta Taylor, Joanne Morse, Arita Zitoli, Cayte Vogt, Carol Campbell, Read Dickinson and Walter Brough:

* “Almost the Bride of Dracula,” by Dennis Snee. Bethel’s former post master is Dracula, now 580 years old. His mother is afraid if he doesn’t get married soon, she’ll never have grandchildren. Dracula romances Donna, who is from a Catholic Italian family and loves garlic; Lisa, who has had several previous husbands who have met with untimely deaths; and Becky, who is from Texas.

* “While Shakespeare Slept,” by Tim Kelly. William Shakespeare has decided to abandon the theater and become a stable boy for Mistress Ford. Jane, a servant girl, tries to convince him to return to the theater. While he sleeps, Shakespeare’s dreams are plagued by his heroines, Juliet, Rosalind, Lady Macbeth, Portia, Kate and Cleopatra.

* “Creative Dating,” by V. B. Leghorn. Two ditsy broads plan to rob a bank just to get a date with the bank manager.

* “The Essence of Mature Sensuality,” a mime conceived by Patricia Puckett with Douglas Hill. This show features the return of mime Carol Campbell, who will perform to the music of “The Stripper.”

* “One Tennis Shoe,” by Shel Silverstein. Harvey tries to convince his wife, Sylvia, that she is becoming a bag lady. Sylvia has some interesting items in her purse and shopping bag.

* “The Third Scourge,” by Vin Moreale Jr. This play revolves around Woodrow, an older guy plagued by the computer age.

* “Whose Turn Is It,” by Philip Potak. Two old codgers playing checkers take lots of potshots at each other.

* “The Lemonade Stand,” by Bryan P. Harnetiaux. A poor woman selling special lemonade is approached by a high-powered real estate salesperson who would like to buy some of her high-priced lemonade.

* “The Magic Bandit,” by Mark Steven Jensen. As two high-stake rollers compete for jackpots, their loyalty to one another is put to the test.

During set changes, the audience will be entertained with “Joggin’ Along,” a play by Dory Kaiser.

Admission is free; however, donations are accepted to offset royalty fees. For more information, contact Lynn Arizzi at 824-0080.

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