FARMINGTON — A North Jay man accused of stealing 22 guns from a Jay residence on Jan. 27 pleaded not guilty Friday to new charges of theft and violation of condition of release.

Judge Valerie Stanfill of 12th District Court set new bail for Roger Briscoe of $5,000 cash or $1,000 cash and a pretrial service agreement, if state prosecutors agree with contract wording.

The bail is for charges of burglary, two counts of theft and violation condition of release related to the stolen guns, laptop and money from a Walker Hill Road residence in North Jay. It also covers a new charge of theft related to using someone else’s card to steal more than $500 in gas and fuel in December 2011, Assistant District Attorney Andrew Robinson said.

Briscoe, 33, appeared in court Monday after making another appearance by video-conferencing from the Somerset County Jail in Madison on Friday.

Robinson told the court Friday that the state could no longer support a pretrial service agreement in light of a new theft charge and a violation of condition of release. There are also other pending charges for a separate matter, he said.

Robinson recommended $5,000 cash bail.

The new misdemeanor charge stems from a Dec. 8, 2011, incident in which Briscoe is accused of committing theft by obtaining or exercising unauthorized control over a credit card and/or U.S. currency of an another individual, of a value of more than $500, according to the complaint filed with the court. He also has a charge of violation of condition of release in that case.

A trial before a judge on the new charges was set for 8:30 a.m. March 8 in 12th District Court.

Robinson reviewed Briscoe’s criminal history that includes theft, receiving stolen property, criminal trespass convictions in the late 1990s and operating under the influence and operating after suspension in 2005 and later.

Briscoe is currently on a deferred disposition related to the operating after suspension conviction, Robinson said.

There are also two pending negotiating worthless instrument charges and violation of condition of release charge, Robinson said.

Briscoe’s attorney, Christopher Berryment, said a pretrial contract made sense earlier in the week and it makes sense now. He said Briscoe can only raise $500 for bail from friends and family. He suggested the money and a pretrial agreement as new bail. He also told the court that Briscoe would be living with his mother in New Sharon when he gets out of jail.

Most of Briscoe’s criminal record is over a decade old and the other convictions are driving related, Berryment said.

Judge Stanfill compromised and set $5,000 cash bail or $1,000 cash bail and a pretrial service agreement.

Conditions remained the same as were set Monday, including not possessing dangerous weapons, including but not limited to firearms and random search for weapons.

Stanfill added a provision of no contact with the owner of the card that was used to get gas and fuel.

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