HARTFORD — A local man who was arrested Monday on a Massachusetts warrant for indecent assault on a minor was held on $5,000 cash bail Wednesday at the Oxford County Jail.

Jonathan H. Hare, 28, of 645 Town Farm Road, appeared in 11th District Court in South Paris on Wednesday. He waived an extradition hearing, consenting to go to Massachusetts where he can answer the charges in District Court in Lynn.

At the hearing Wednesday, defense attorney Maurice Porter said the charge against Hare was filed the same day he was arrested, and that it appeared that Massachusetts authorities knew where Hare was but made no attempt to contact him.

Porter said Hare’s family wanted to bail him out and drive him to Massachusetts. He requested a $500 cash bail.

Assistant District Attorney Joseph O’Connor said the charges — indecent assault and battery on a child under 14 and tampering with a witness — were serious felonies. “If it was a Maine case, I’d be arguing against $500,” O’Connor said. “I’d ask for 10 times that.”

Judge Paul Cote Jr. set Hare’s bail at $5,000. He said agents of the state of Massachusetts are expected to pick up Hare within the week.

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