Shyla Bridges and

Sidney Williams V

ROME — Dexter and Theresa Bridges of Rome are announcing the engagement of their daughter, Shyla Rae Bridges, to Sidney Johnston Williams V of Spring Creek, Pa., son of Sidney and Zane Williams of San Antonio, Texas.

Miss Bridges attended a two-year apprenticeship program at Miracle Mountain Ranch Mission in Spring Creek, Pa., following graduation. She developed skills in horse training and other horse-related skills, as well as Biblical counseling and discipleship. Both she and her future husband are returning there on staff after their marriage in June.

Mr. Williams also attended Miracle Mountain Ranch apprenticeship program after graduation and received a bachelor’s degree in Biblical counseling from North Tennessee Biblical Institute. He is currently on staff at Miracle Mountain Ranch, where he awaits for his future wife to join him.

The wedding will be held in Maine on June 23.