RUMFORD — As part of Earth Day 2012 celebrations, the River Valley Healthy Communities Coalition is participating in a statewide backyard composting bin sale. Through April 28, a home compost bin and how-to guide with a combined retail value of $100 can be purchased for $45, tax included.

The bin is black, has a 10-year warranty and is made of 100 percent recycled plastic. It’s approximately 35 inches high and 33 inches wide, or large enough for a family of five.

It’s estimated that 25 percent of the average household’s waste consists of yard trimmings and kitchen scraps which can be easily composted.

Municipal water supply can be conserved and household water bills can be cut by up to 40 percent by using a rain barrel. The “Systern” rain barrel’s 55 gallon capacity, unique shape and neutral color allow it to blend into any gardenscape. It is made from high density polyethylene, up to 50 percent recycled plastic, incorporated mosquito mesh to keep out bugs and leaf debris, easily accommodates existing downspouts, overflow capability and accessories included. It is great for gardening and watering flowers. Rain barrels can be purchased for $58.50.

Both the composter and rain barrel are on display at the RVHCC Office at 94 River St. Orders must be receive before April 28. For more information contact Patty Duguay at 364-7408.

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