In the May 28 Sun Journal, an Associated Press article quoted Professor Richard Leakey as saying that “skepticism over evolution will soon be history.”

In the story, Leakey is identified not only as a paleoanthropologist but also as an atheist. With those credentials, he must be reliable, right?


The Bible, the message from the creator of the universe, has these words, “The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God.’” (Psalm 53:1)

Don’t blame me. Don’t shoot the messenger. That’s the word from the creator of the universe.

Leakey demonstrates himself as foolish.

Darwin’s “Origin of the Species” appeared 153 years ago. There is a vast corridor of missing transitional forms that they are still looking for in the soils of Africa and elsewhere.

But in the intellectually dishonest textbooks of the public schools, evolution is taught as though it were established fact.


Harvey Lord, South Paris

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