First of all, I did not vote for Mayor Robert Macdonald because I knew that sooner or later he would open his mouth and the city would find itself where it is today.

Having said that, I have to say that the response I saw at the Oct. 2 City Council meeting and on the steps of city hall were even more out of line. Instead of simply expressing their opinions, an organized group was intent on trying to bully the mayor into an apology.

He said what he said, he read his statement, the public had a chance to speak, now let’s move on.

A mob poses for the television cameras on the city hall steps. Really? Who is causing hate and discontent now?

Armed with a petition that means nothing, these people are demanding the mayor to resign for exercising his free speech. Do they really want an apology if it is not from the heart?

By the way, there should be no comparisons between the recent immigrants to the Irish and French Canadians who came to this city so many years ago. Those people came here and built the mills and shoe shops, then went to work in them. They built the canals, roads and bridges. They built the bakeries, churches and schools and supported them. They built city hall and the steps the mob stood on and made their complaints.

There is no comparison and I am offended when I hear statements like that.

John Lussier, Lewiston

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