Holding the owners of private property responsible for negligence in the maintenance of that property is a standard practice in the United States.

The proper way to maintain a firearm when not in use is to lock it in a cabinet with no ammunition. Accordingly, the proper storage of firearms should be the law of the land and the improper storage of firearms or ammunition should be outlawed as a form of criminal negligence.

Rights come with responsibilities. Just as the inspection of electrical, plumbing and foundational installations is mandatory, and just as the proper storage of propane, fuel oil and gasoline is regulated by law, the installation and use of gun lockers should be lawfully required by those people who wish to avail themselves of the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Improperly stored guns are easy to steal and readily available to children, untrained adults, criminals and the insane. No responsible citizen should allow such a thing to occur and we, as a nation, should no longer accept that type of incompetence as lawful.

James Will, Jay

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