Referring to Larry Pare’s letter of April 15, I very much agree with the message. However, he only addressed the speeding issue.

(Incidentally, if he was doing 60 as stated, he was also speeding as the top speed limit on Route 4 is 55 mph or lower.)

Texting, using a cell phone, devouring a double cheeseburger in one hand and a soda in the other while steering with the knees also is foolish.

Operating a motor vehicle is not a multi-task activity. It requires undivided attention. The split second you lose because you’re engrossed in something else could well end your life and that of others.

I drive Route 4 seven weeks out of the year on a every 7-week rotating basis. The road is safe if you adhere to the speed limits and other safe driving habits.

My suggestion is the state make up signs stating “No Tolerance” and post them with the speed limit signs. After a couple of weeks set up State Police on a 24/7 enforcement of the roadway. Ticket all who exceed the posted limit.

After that first week, wait a few weeks and then set up again. This should provide a better solution than anything the state road engineers can come up with and also help the state reduce its debt.

Richard Jensen, Minot

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