LEWISTON — The Stanton Bird Club of Lewiston/Auburn has announced the summer schedule of guided bird walks. This season will mark the seventh year for the series. Last year, more than 40 people participated in one or more walks and identified approximately 100 species of birds.

Walks are held in a variety of diverse local habitats, plus some private areas not normally open to the public. Anyone interested in walking and seeing new places and nature is welcome.

All walks are free and open to everyone, beginning naturalist to advanced birder. Walks are led by Stan and Joan DeOrsey, who will identify and comment on birds seen and heard.

The first walk on Wednesday, May 29, will be in Litchfield at a private farm in a wooded setting and open fields. There are paths to facilitate walking. The habitats support a variety of bird species. The walk will also note local botany and the many spring wild flowers.

The full 2013 summer schedule is as follows:

May 29: Small’s Farm, Litchfield, for summer resident birds. Meet at the Promenade Mall.

June 12: Maurer’s Bog, Leeds, for bog botany and late migrants and summer birds. Susan Hayward will co-lead. Meet at Marden’s, Lewiston.

June 26: Papermill and Ricker Farm Trails, Lisbon, for summer birds. Meet at the Promenade Mall.

July 10: Riverside Cemetery, Lewiston, for resident birds. Meet at the Promenade Mall.

July 24: Ordway Grove, Norway, for summer resident birds. Co-hosted with Kathy Whittier. Meet at the Auburn Mall/JC Penney’s.

Aug. 7: St. Peter’s Cemetery, Lewiston, for post-breeding resident birds. Meet at the Promenade Mall.

Aug. 21: Mt. Apatite Farm, Auburn, for early fall migrants. Meet at the Auburn Mall/JC Penney’s.

Walks end by 11 a.m. If raining at 7 a.m. and predicted to continue through 10, the walk will be canceled. Bring binoculars and dress for the weather.. Walks are approximately two miles on an even and basically dry surface. For more information, call Stan or Joan DeOrsey at 933-2266 or e-mail [email protected]

For more Stanton Bird Club information, call 1-888-363-0007 or visit www.stantonbirdclub.org.

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