When Maine’s expedited wind law was passed it 2008, it was rushed through with essentially no public notice or comment. One of its provisions was to eliminate, for some residents, a basic right that the rest of us take for granted — the opportunity to have a real say in whether wind projects are placed in our neighborhoods.

Unbelievably, that right was eliminated with the help of the wind lobby for those residents living in some parts of Maine.

LD 616 tried to right that obvious wrong. It was given an “ought to pass” recommendation by its committee and was passed by the House, as well it should have been. But the wind lobby and Senate leadership didn’t want it to go forward.

Senate Majority Leader Seth Goodall (whose district includes the major wind builder) forced a vote to send it back to die in committee. Again unbelievably, only one Democrat — Sen. John Patrick of Rumford — voted for the rights of the people over the wishes of the industry.

Seems a small thing, really, that people should get to influence what goes on in their own communities. But, of course, local democracy in action is the last thing the wind industry wants. Where’s the money in that?

Sally McGuire, Carthage

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