100 years ago, 1913
Percy Morrison of Holland street, Lewiston, was severely injured Friday afternoon because of a collision between an L. A. & W. car and the heavy truck which he was driving in Court street, Auburn. His injuries are about the back, hips and legs. Morrison, who drives a heavy truck owned by G. F. Wormwood of Lewiston, and employed by Houston, Auburn. He was driving down Court street when the Turner car, in charge of Conductor Minot and Motorman H.D. Libbey, came along. At a point opposite High street the car struck the rear of the truck, throwing it against a pole at the roadside, frightening horses and causing them to jump. It all came so quickly that Morrison did not have an opportunity to protect himself and he was thrown from his seat, down under the truck, two wheels of which passed over him.

50 years ago, 1963
Auburn firemen spent almost six hours yesterday in knocking down a slow-moving deep burning brush fire in a wooded area off Stone Road. Firemen, hampered by the stubbornness of the blaze, used water from the booster tanks on three fire engines, and Indian tanks, to first cut off the advance of the flames, and then to finally get at the still smoldering embers.

25 years ago, 1988
City Councilor Paul J. Poliquin has scheduled a meeting Tuesday for Ward 1 residents to discuss the Michaud Heights Subdivision, a modular home development that was approved by the Planning Board 27 years ago in 1961. Now the residents feel the project, which is under construction, is not compatible with their neighborhood. Developers are now beginning to create streets in the area, according to Poliquin, who says neighbors are concerned about drainage and traffic issues.

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