The recent wars the United States has been involved in are a setup to diminish the nation’s armed forces so enemies would have an easier time taking over.

Since contraception and abortion have been in vogue, there are fewer young people to do military service, or as nurses, doctors or clergy, etc.

I heard on the radio recently that the U.S. military is not ready to go to war with Syria. Leaders in that region have been rattling sabers for a long time, seeking any excuse to try their military hardware against the U.S. and its allies.

Some enemies might be here already, ready to show their true colors when things go bad. They could be calling the shots from leadership positions. Many U.S. military bases have been closed, making entry here easier.

It shocked me to hear that there have been cuts in the number of airport flight dispatchers. I see that as an opening for an invasion.

We must remember Pearl Harbor. Nobody knew the day or hour the enemy would come and many were caught in bed, the Navy’s fleet still in the harbor. Many died, unprepared for the Japanese invasion.


Enemies could be plying U.S. waters in submarines, looking for easy entry at night while most people are asleep.

We should be on high alert.

I trust only God; others will tell the public what they want to hear. We are led to believe that all is well, and it is not.

Gabrielle DeMoras, Lewiston

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