100 years ago, 1913

Tuesday noon the firm of Lunn & Sweet, shoe manufacturers, Auburn, issued the following statement in regard to the lasters who left their work Saturday morning: “Our lasters left our employ Saturday morning without notice or without making any formal demands or stating their grievances to our firm. Mr. Lunn, who has charge of all the manufacturing, was in Boston at the time, so of course could not confer with them. They refused to wait until his return or to make any demands to anyone else, excepting to ask that the money be refunded to them which had been charged them to cover the expense of a cobbler to put in a saleable condition shoes which they had not properly made. A committee representing the strikers visited the Lewiston Journal office Tuesday, saying that no hard feelings existed between themselves and the company, only a misunderstanding which they felt would soon be rectified. About 100 men marched from the quarters in Lewiston to the factory Tuesday morning, but as management could not agree to terms with them, they took their kits and left.

50 years ago, 1963

The theft of four hubcaps and several other articles from a vehicle registered to a star of the “Route 66” television show was reportedly cleared up today by Lewiston police, who said that four Auburn residents were involved in the incident. Two Auburn young men, 18 and 19, will appear in court Monday. The other two are juveniles. Recovered were the four hubcaps, valued at $16.30 apiece, and California license plates. The vehicle was locked and the vent window on the right side was pushed in. Two windshield wiper blades were pulled off, a side mirror was broken and the gas tank cover on the outside of the vehicle was broken.

25 years ago, 1988

Authorities have a suspect in a case of arson that forced more than 20 people from their Bartlett Street apartments Thursday afternoon. Investigators also determined that a fire that ripped through the upper floors of a brick building on Lisbon Street Wednesday night was due to arson, although the two fires are not believed to be related at this time.

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