LEWISTON — Museum L-A plans to cut two staff positions and many of its hours in the wake of declining revenue, Executive Director Rachel Desgrosseilliers said Thursday.

“What we’re doing is taking a step back to really put us on solid footing,” Desgrosseilliers said.

The museum’s 14-member board made the decision Thursday morning.

The work of the two staff positions — developing and marketing, exhibits and programming — will be spread out among the remaining two and a half staff members. Museum hours will be cut from six-hour periods Monday through Saturday to two afternoons each week, from noon to 4 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Similar cuts were made five months ago when the museum announced it was spending about $85,000 more than it was taking in annually.

“We got hit with a perfect storm,” Desgrosseilliers said. “We’re a new organization. We’re growing in every way. We’re gradually building a following.”

Fundraisers, including speakeasy parties, have successfully raised money, but it hasn’t been enough. Meanwhile, federal and state grants have dried up.

This year, the museum applied for 16 grants, hoping to boost its revenue.

“We’ve received two that total about $6,000,” she said. “And those grants take a long time to write.”

Even with fewer people and hours, Desgrosseilliers insists that the museum will grow. It is planning more parties and more exhibits.

Thursday’s changes are meant as an immediate response to the funding problem, but more board meetings and more changes will happen, she said. A new, long-term plan will be shaped in the coming weeks and months.

“It’s giving us an opportunity to look at everything with new, fresh eyes,” she said.

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