FARMINGTON — For Mark Nyboe and Mona Violette, decorating their Maple Avenue yard for holidays is something special they do for their grandchildren. It also gives them pleasure.

“We just have fun,” Nyboe said.

Halloween provides the opportunity for large spiders, gravestones, lights, sound and smoke to create the right atmosphere for the grandchildren and “tons of trick or treaters” who make their way through the yard, he said.

Last year, one youngster was overheard advising his younger sibling, who was unsure of the smoke machine located near their front door, Nyboe said.

He told the brother “to run through it for the candy,” Nyboe said, speaking about the joy he receives from the children’s reactions to his decorations.

The collection grows and changes a little each year, as the couple find bargains after the holidays.

Both are teachers in Skowhegan who live in Farmington. Nyboe, an industrial arts teacher at Skowhegan Area High School, brought an idea to his students for a jack-o-lantern created from a sippy cup. The idea took off with students, who made more than 100 of the jack-o-lanterns and had parents calling for more, he said.

Halloween is just one holiday when the duo decorates their property. Christmas and other holidays provide more opportunities for large scenes and decorations in their yard — a treat for their grandchildren and those driving by.

“We’re not much for partying,” he said. “So we have fun decorating.”

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