LEWISTON — A few weeks ago, a friend emailed Dave Turcotte and told him: I’m taking you to Game 6 … if there is a Game 6.

On Wednesday, Turcotte was ready.

He wore a Red Sox shirt, Red Sox-patterned pants. His room at d’Youville Pavilion had three different Red Sox pennants on the walls, New England red and blue everywhere.

His bearded grin was almost ear to ear.

“Over the years that I’ve gone, I’ve always wanted to get a foul ball, never even came close to it,” said Turcotte, 47. “That would be a dream come true — but not as much as going to the World Series.”

Turcotte has been a Red Sox fan going back to 1974. He remembers watching the heartbreaking World Series in ’75. He’s caught eight or nine games in person.

“It’s great to be at Fenway Park,” Turcotte said. “You see it much better on TV, but just the act of being there is great.”

In recent years, he and Dan Cunliffe II, a friend and high school classmate from Edward Little Class of 1984, have caught a game or two each season. Cunliffe took him by surprise with the Game 6 news.

“He’s that way; he’s very generous,” Turcotte said. “I’m a big Guns N’ Roses fan, one of their songs is ‘One in a Million.’ I told him that he is one in a million.”

Cunliffe said it happened just right that everything fell into place. He had tickets to Game 2 in the World Series when he called the Red Sox box office to ask about handicapped-accessible seats to accommodate Turcotte’s wheelchair. 

“The only thing they had was Game 6 — I didn’t know if they’d make it to Game 6,” Cunliffe said. He took the leap, sold his Game 2 tickets to friends and got seats on the third-base line. “Now, all of a sudden, it could be this amazing win for the Red Sox at home.”

“Red Sox is his passion,” Cunliffe said. “I’ve been blessed. He’s a huge fan and he deserves it.”

Turcotte said David Ortiz is his favorite player; meeting him, if it were ever to happen, would be amazing. He was looking forward to a Fenway frank, ice cream or maybe a pretzel and was anticipating a late night.

But what was he looking forward to most?

“A win.”

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