100 years ago, 1914
An unconfirmed rumor says that Lewiston is to have a really and truely Union Station and that it will become an actual fact within the next three years. According to this rumor the Maine Central and the Grand Trunk roads have entered into an agreement whereby they will erect and maintain such a station in Lewiston. Under the agreement, says the report, there will then be but a single railroad station in the cities of Lewiston and Auburn. There all trains to and from all lines of the two roads will arrive and depart. It is said that the plan contemplates the abandonment, for passenger service, of the Grand Trunk line from Lewiston Junction to Lewiston and the section of the lower road of the Maine Central from Crowley’s Junction to Lewiston. Both those sections are to be continued in the freight service.

50 years ago, 1964
Auburn City Manager Woodbury E. Brackett said today he was “favorably impressed” by the inaugural address of Lewiston Mayer Roland L Marcotte earlier this week, and particularly, by a suggestion that the two cities might do well to some day be united under one government. “This will come,” Brackett stated adding that he would “like to see a start made on some of the ideas he (Marcotte) expressed in his address.”

25 years ago, 1989
Responding in part to New Gloucester residents concerned about a potential ash landfill in their town, Mid-Maine Waste Action Corp. Friday released a report outlining prospective dump sites and the selection criteria. The 58-page study lists 33 sites in Auburn, Monmouth, Wales, Lisbon, Bowdoin, Richmond and New Gloucester that were examined as potential ash landfill sites. Some of those sites were immediately eliminated because of their locations near earthquake faults, others were too small, too close to airports or within town aquifer zones. But five locations were recommended to the 13-town trash group as “preferred sites.” Three of those locations are in Auburn and two are in New Gloucester.

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