As I was having my morning coffee and reading the newspaper on Jan. 23, I could not believe what I was reading — the Auburn School Committee is requesting $2.1 million for improvements.

Initially, I thought, great — they are going to utilize some existing structures. As I read on, I saw they wanted $400,186 for the Auburn Middle School. OK, this is looking good. Utilization of an existing school is a good thing. But, wait, to my shock and horror, part of the money is to replace carpet in classrooms and hallways.

Someone must be kidding me. Why in the world would a school put carpet in its hallways? Just look at the upkeep during this kind of weather with all the sand and salt being tracked in.

It is another lame idea coming from the committee.

Taxpayers have had enough from this committee. Committee members need to look long and hard at how they are spending the public’s money. The taxpayers of Auburn need to hold the committee accountable for ever dime it is spending.

Martin Keim, Auburn

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