LISBON — There are very few trinkets left from the iconic Worumbo Mill. Now, those trinkets are in pieces.

A monument made of cast-iron wheels from the former mill was wrecked overnight when a driver crashed into the Route 196 site and fled the scene.

Faye Brown, who was given the pulley wheels and other items in the 1990s, said the monument is probably gone forever.

“Public Works says they’ll reassess it in the spring and see what they can do,” Brown said Thursday. “I hope they can fix it, but it doesn’t look good.”

The monument had stood for nearly 20 years, surrounded by a roadside garden near School Street. Brown’s nephew had welded the wheels together, she said, so they could be displayed as a tribute to the storied factory.

“This is what we have left of the Worumbo Mill,” Brown said.

The mill was built in 1864. In 1987, fire swept through the original building, destroying it. About a decade later, the Miller family, owners of the mill, donated the old wheels to Brown, whose father had worked at Worumbo.

“Those big wheels are rare artifacts,” Brown said.

By late Thursday, the person who crashed into the monument had not been identified. The wreck was reported and Brown is hoping someone might have information about the driver. She reckons the person who crashed must have been going relatively fast to cause the damage that was discovered in the morning.

“It was pretty brazen for them to take off like that,” Brown said. “Their car must be all smashed up. They must have hit pretty hard.”

Anyone with information about the crash is asked to notify police or town officials.

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