PERU — Road Commissioner Joe Roach presented a list of capital expenses to a joint meeting of the Finance Committee and Board of Selectmen on Monday night.

The most critical are redecking Mary Turner Bridge and replacing the 1999 one-ton plow truck, he said.

It was agreed to use bridge maintenance and road department money for the bridge repairs.

A warrant article will request $55,000 for the down payment on a medium-duty plow truck and equipment, with the remaining cost to be financed for one year. Total cost is not to exceed $110,000.

Board Chairman Jim Pulsifer said East Shore Drive has been in need of major work for 20 years. A section was rebuilt this year.

Selectmen recommended $65,000 be spent to rebuild another section. It was estimated it would take five or more years to rebuild the entire road. The Finance Committee approved the warrant article, which only obligates the funds for one year.

Roach did not request an increase in the snow removal budget, even though he anticipates exceeding it this year. He said this was an unusual winter.

At the selectmen meeting Monday, Roach reported he will be working on the couple dozen potholes. He said the process is slowed because the supply of patching material is frozen.

He indicated the snow removal budget is nearly exhausted. He said he would try to limit the overrun to 15 percent, but could not guarantee it.

Selectman Larry Snowman said Roach could not control the weather and the town would have to spend what is needed to keep the roads safe.

Selectmen reviewed a list of delinquent taxpayers and agreed to have Town Clerk Vera Parent send a letter to each saying if they do not contact the Town Office by April 14 to make an appointment to review their case, the town would begin the foreclosure process.

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