In 2012, I was considering adding new positions in Maine for my California-based company. My first stop was the Washington, D.C., offices of Congressman Mike Michaud.

From that first meeting up until the day he joined us for our ribbon cutting, I could not have asked for a stronger supporter and ally. He and his staff maintained regular contact with my office, offering any assistance we might need. He knew the impact each and every job would have on my hometown of Rumford.

It’s clear to me what kind of governor Mike Michaud will be for Maine and that is why I will stand by him now as his supporter and ally.

When the Paul LePage campaign says “Michaud has never created a single job in his over 30 years of service,” I say they need to check their facts because I have an office full of people who know better.

Erik Richard, Los Angeles, Calif., CEO, Landmark Network Inc.

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