The truth is that President Barack Obama and the far-left, liberal environmental activists are job killers. The so-called climate scientists said that if the Keystone Pipeline is built in America, it would be the biggest carbon time bomb. I believe the number one, biggest carbon polluter is China. China is a ticking time bomb.

According to Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, ranking member on the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, the Keystone Pipeline project would create 3,900 jobs.

The environmental activists, the tree-huggers and Obama lovers should remember that before Obama became president, he stated that he hoped to increase the price of gasoline and oil to reduce consumption. I think he got his wish.

The president and his cronies are killing this country. It is a no-brainer — Obama and the environmental activists are way out of touch and have no common sense.

The president should stop acting like a celebrity and be a better leader.

Reggie Bechard, Lewiston

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