At just 24, Senior Airman Rick Wilson has already been stationed at four Air Force bases in three states: Texas, Mississippi and Nevada. Last year he got to choose his new placement.


It’s been a bit of an adjustment for the guy used to warm winters and an abundance of Mexican food. But as adjustments go, it’s been a good one.

A life of snow, lobsters and promoting the Air Force. It’s hard to beat.

Name: Rick Wilson

Age: 24

Married/relationship/single: Married to Marisa Wilson. Got married Aug. 30, 2013.

Town: I work in Auburn and I live in Brunswick.

Job: Air Force recruiter.

What made you decide to join the Air Force? I had nothing lined up after high school and my older brother was talking about the Air Force and I decided to go for it. Best decision I’ve ever made!

Where have you been stationed? Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas, for basic military training. Keesler Air Force Base, Biloxi, Miss., and Shepherd Air Force Base, Wichita Falls, Texas, for technical training. And Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas, Nev., for my first five years of my career.

Why choose Auburn? I have never even been close to New England in my life. My wife and I wanted to get away from the desert and have actual four seasons. The more we researched, the more we liked Maine!

Why become a recruiter? It’s something I had wanted to do since the start of my Air Force career. I like the idea of giving teens and young adults a chance and the opportunity to take advantage of all the great things the Air Force has to offer.

Why should young people consider joining the Air Force? Young people should consider joining because it is a great opportunity to further their education and also a good chance to get out and see the world!

What do you talk about most when talking to a young person about the Air Force? I talk mostly about educational benefits that the Air Force has to offer. It is crazy how much you can further your education through the Air Force.

What do you remember about your own Air Force recruiter? I remember that he was young and new at the job as well. He seemed like he really enjoyed the job as much as I am so far!

Best part about being a recruiter? Getting to talk to and getting to know all the people I work on getting put in the Air Force.

Most challenging part? There is a lot to do in a day. So the hardest thing is planning out each day to make sure everything is accomplished. Then accomplishing it!

What do most 17- to 27-year-olds ask you about the Air Force? A lot ask about what kind of things the Air Force can offer them. Most just want to know what kind of job they can get.

I hear your wife was very excited to experience snow. After four months of it, what does she think? She still loves it! She is hoping for one last good downfall before spring, but she is also very excited about a summer that won’t be 115 degrees in the shade.

I understand you also have “an amazing dog named Apollo and two cats (Boo! and Mufasa).” What makes Apollo so amazing and why does Boo! get exclamation point? Apollo is just so smart and so loving. He’s a Lab/Newfoundland so he’s about 110 pounds and is just such a gentle giant. Boo! gets her exclamation because she is just that crazy of a cat!

How have they liked Maine’s winter? The cats aren’t fond of the winter. Apollo on the other hand is like the Energizer bunny when we let him out to play in the snow.

Best part about living in Maine so far? Best part about living in Maine has got to be the lobster! Ha ha! Honestly, the people out here are just so nice and not rude like they were back in Las Vegas. It makes it a very enjoyable place to live.

The biggest change you’ve had to get used to since moving? There isn’t nearly enough Mexican food.

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