As a Lewiston taxpayer, I have been following the school budget talks for the school year 2014-2015. Superintendent Bill Webster has presented a budget with an increase of more than $1 million.

Each year there is an increase in the budget, always for different reasons: salaries, benefits, transportation, etc.

Education is supposed to be an investment in the future of the students. What have taxpayers been receiving for their tax dollars? In a recent Sun Journal article, Lewiston had lower test scores than the previous year — again.

More dollars are being poured into a system that seems to be broken. It appears to me that the superintendent’s answer to the current problem(s) is just to keep wasting more money and hope that things will eventually work out.

If the School Department were a company that showed such poor performance, the employees would not be replaced, but most certainly the person at the top would be. If Webster were to offer his immediate resignation, it would allow the School Committee to begin an immediate search for a qualified replacement.

If such a resignation is not forthcoming, then I urge the School Committee to terminate his employment.

A few years ago there was a city administrator who was not working in the best interests of the city and other city officials had the intestinal fortitude to replace him. I would hope that such a group exists within the School Committee.

The taxpayers of this city can ill afford Webster’s way of doing business.

Paul Parquette, Lewiston

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