MVHS Alums Serve

This is the 38th in a series about graduates from Mountain Valley High School who are serving our country in the military.
A member of the Class of 2004 at Mountain Valley High School, Shawn Spaulding was a quiet, self-confident and thoughtful young man. As a positive class leader, he willingly helped a rookie teacher survive her first year. So it was no surprise that he decided to serve others through joining the military.
After working for two years at Irving Lumber in Dixfield, Spaulding enlisted in the U.S. Navy in October 2006.
He now is known as CTT1 (IDW/SW) Spaulding, which stands for Cryptologic Technician Technical First Class (information warfare/surface warfare) Spaulding.
CTT1 Spaulding explained his job, “I work as an analyst. Basically I use information from multiple sources to create a worldwide picture to support Navy Information Operations.”
He began his enlistment at Great Lakes, IL, for boot camp then Pensacola, FL, for advanced training. He then served onboard the USS Stout DDG55 out of Norfolk, VA. The USS Stout is a guided missile destroyer commissioned in 1994. His current duty station is San Diego, CA, with the Third Fleet Command.
CTT1 Spaulding described his motivation to enlist, “I enlisted because although I had a decent job, I felt I wasn’t being challenged enough compared to what I knew I could do in my life. I wanted to see the world and knew I didn’t have enough time or money to do it on my own; so I decided to join.”
He concluded, “I have learned more than I could have ever imagined and met some of the most amazing people around the world. I would never trade it for anything.”
Despite his longing for travel and challenges, a slight note of homesickness appeared when he was asked what he would like folks back home to know.
CTT1 Spaulding said, “Growing up, it’s easy to complain and gripe about how there is ‘nothing to do’ or that ‘it’s boring’ but once you leave, and leave for good, you really do realize just how much ‘home’ means to you. There is so much world out there and I think everyone should see and experience it as much as possible. In the end, Maine will always be home for me.”
He is grateful for the support he receives from the hometown team.
“I think people, especially my family, do a great job supporting me,” CTTI Spaulding said. “So I’m not really sure what else they could do.”
Perhaps a Facebook message with a picture of the receding snow in late April would help this sailor think California may be preferable to Maine during mud season!
CTTI Spaulding’s support comes from his mother Debbie Spaulding of Mexico and his father Michael Spaulding of Carthage. Brother Brian Spaulding and sister Shelby Seavy live in Carthage as well. Marissa Crosby, another sister from Mexico, rounds out the home team.
If you know of a MVHS alumnus who is currently serving their country or has recently finished their enlistment, please contact Donna Peare at This is the end of the series unless other military members are willing to have their story told.

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