John Spruill Jr.

Email address

[email protected]

Occupation or primary source of income

Argo Marketing Group



Master of Science degree in human resource management and development from  Chapman University, Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from the University of Southern Maine.

Family information

Wife, Paula Spruill, married 28 years. Sons, Cory, 21, and Caleb, 17.

Public offices sought or held

Former Auburn City Council as councilor-at-large


Do you favor consolidating the Twin Cities?


Why? What is the benefit?

We call ourselves the Twin Cities. Lewiston and Auburn have a combined history and destiny. One city cannot prosper without the other, and both cities will suffer if one fails. Three past studies have revealed substantial savings. We would enjoy more political, economic and social clout.

What would convince you to change your opinion?

I will keep an open mind. I will look at all evidence and listen to all input. I believe, based on what I have learned so far, and experienced as a citizen of both Lewiston and Auburn for several decades, that it makes sense. I believe we need a deliberative process to look at all the pros and cons, balance them and then come to a conclusion.


What is the single most important question for the Charter Commission to settle?

If the cities combine, what will the new city be?

If the cities are combined, where should the city offices be located and why?

It is far too early to determine where city offices or any city building should be. There are many considerations that need to be explored with an open mind. Locations of buildings, condition of buildings, expense of operations, public access. These are just a few things that need to be considered.

Where should the main police station be located and why?

We should not predetermine where any building is until we can examine all the factors, so that we can make an informed decision.

Charter commission guide

Auburn candidates

Voters will select three candidates


Voters will select three candidates

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