Maine Department of Transportation Commissioner David Bernhardt and Col. Robert Williams of the Maine State Police this week announced new speed limits on I-95 which have gone into effect immediately.

MaineDOT staff used radar data from the 64 variable speed limit signs on the interstate to determine average and 85th percentile speeds, which have been determined to be the safest at which to operate a motor vehicle. The data showed that most vehicular traffic was traveling in excess of 70 miles per hour most of the day, with average speeds a few miles lower at night.

As a result of those tests, the speed limit was raised in several sections, with the new limit from just north of Hogan Road in Bangor to Old Town now being 70 miles per hour. The maximum speed limit on I95 from Old Town north, which was raised to 75 miles per hour in 2011, will stay the same.

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