Marcel Morin’s letter (May 15) assumes a lot of his data has some truth. I’ll bet its from the same billionaires who support Fox Network’s so-called news.

According to something I heard on C-Span, extremists (Koch brothers, etc.) pay Fox for more propaganda than the three major news networks combined.

Morin sarcastically questioned President Obama’s intelligence. Obama didn’t get to be president of the senior class at Harvard’s Law School by presenting false facts and criticism.

Morin uses slang — Obamacare — for what is really Congress’ Affordable Care Act. It is a safety net for those who cannot afford the expanding insurance costs. Morin should take in Michael Moore’s movie, “Sicko,” to see how the U.S. ranks as a nation on coverage.

He should question legitimate sources for his information, such as Charlie Rose, Bill Moyers, “60 Minutes” or other Public Broadcast Network programs.

Stephen Drane, Auburn

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