I have been called a troublemaker by some and praised by many for the information I share through my letters to the editor. It doesn’t bother me at all. I only do what I do for the benefit of Mexico citizens.

If residents do only one thing to help the town this year, they should vote “no” on Articles 1 through 10, and vote for my “A-team,” Albert Aniel and Andy Dupuis. Only with those two men getting elected as selectmen and joining with current selectman Byron Ouellette will the town see any changes.

If residents want more of the same old stuff, vote for Peter Merrill. He was one of the selectmen who voted not to listen to the people’s vote, so there has been no spending cap for this year.

I support a “no” vote on Articles 1 through 10, and “yes” for Andy Dupuis and Albert Aniel.

Marjorie Richard, Mexico

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