Welfare fraud is simply unacceptable. That’s why Democrats have pushed Republicans to step up and prosecute rather than politicize the issue.

In his June 17 letter, Eric Brakey seems unaware of how these issues played out in the legislative session.

Republicans pushed policies they knew were not enforceable or would push struggling families further into crisis. When Republicans had the chance to pursue real reform, they punted. They voted against a common-sense bill to create a comprehensive fraud-prevention system, ensure wise use of taxpayer dollars and make sure public benefits reach the Mainers who truly need them.

The governor vetoed it and Republicans fell in line to back him up.

Why did Republicans fail to walk the walk? Could it be that they know the best anti-poverty program is a job and that the governor is failing on job creation? The governor brags about his business savvy, but Maine lags under his watch. Maine has recovered only half the jobs lost in the recession, while New England as a whole has more than made up for its losses.

Republican desperation is clear when they take my words out of context, as Brakey did. In drawing a contrast with drunk drivers, I said about a first-time instance of EBT card misuse, “This is a victimless crime except for the concern around taxpayer dollars.” I think most Mainers agree that a drunk driver bringing devastation upon an unsuspecting family creates more victims.

Rep. Jeff McCabe, D-Skowhegan, Assistant Majority Leader

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