FARMINGTON — On Tuesday, the Board of Selectmen unanimously approved funding engineering services for repairs of a sewer department building and discussed a roof repair at the Municipal Building.

Within recent months, a leak has developed in the control building at the sewer department, Town Manager Richard Davis told the board. It was built in 1972 and was not part of the department upgrade in 1993.

The leak was noted in a Department of Environmental Protection inspection, Davis said.

Consultants with Lincoln Haney Engineering Associates of Brunswick, who specialize in roofs and have worked on a roof design for the town’s Community Center, have reviewed the issue.

The roof construction consists of concrete tees on masonry walls, according to a report by Michael Cunningham of Lincoln Haney.

“There is some damage to the roof structure that has occurred over the years,” he said in the report.


They found a damaged concrete tee, deteriorating grout between the tees and a cracked masonry wall, he said.

The recommendation is to correct the structural issues while re-roofing the building.

The board approved spending $4,800 to have the Lincoln Haney engineering consultants develop a design for structural repair of the flat roof for $2,300 and oversee the repair for $2,500.

The repair project will go out to bid to contractors.

“We can’t not do it,” Selectman Stephan Bunker said. “I’d like to get it done before winter.”

Other than the roof, there are no other issues with the building, Davis said.


The metal roof above the Municipal Building vestibule at the front door was dented by snow this spring, Davis said. 

Upon closer examination, it was discovered that the rafters, plywood and metal roof had been installed over the original asphalt, but there had been no provision for ventilation, Davis said.

The roof was installed in 1993.

The wood, which needs to be replaced, has rotted, allowing the weight of the snow to dent the roof. 

“We’re holding off to see what this will cost,” Davis told the board.

The metal roofing company estimates a $3,800 cost to replace the metal after the wood is replaced and ventilation is added.

Although some small rust issues fall under the roof warranty for at least a few more months, the warranty does not cover the vestibule issue, he said.

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