BETHEL — To escape the heat from 80-degree temperatures on July 19 at the MollyOckett Days festival, several children climbed into the Common’s fountain.

They merrily splashed each other, danced and shouted in glee while getting thoroughly soaked as parents watched or socialized with other adults nearby.

One child, Emily Reed, 8, of South Paris, yelled excitedly as she hopped up and down in the water and waved her arms as her mother, Debbie Reed, watched.

“She said she just wanted to get her feet wet, but she should have clarified it,” Debbie Reed said.

She wasn’t referring to her daughter’s dance folly spectacle in the fountain that apparently also serves as a wishing well.

Reed said Emily took all the money she found at the bottom of the fountain and threw it all back in while making a wish.

When asked what her wish was, Emily yelled as loud as she could, “To have my mommy forever!”

A surprised grin spread across her mother’s face.

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