LIVERMORE FALLS/JAY — The Spruce Mountain High School fourth-quarter honor roll has been announced.


Highest honors: Ian Jewett, Lucas Preble, Emily Taylor.

High honors: Elizabeth Adams, Taylor Boynton, Hayley Doyen, Kayla Meserve, David Stone Osorno.

Honors: Chelsey Boulay, Heather Castonguay, Mariah Castonguay, Joshua Daigle, Jesse Dennison, Holden Doiron, Felicia Gagnon, Adam Gettle, Heather Harris, Kanisha Judd, Alexia Krupp, John Mckenna, Hannah Melotto, Jennifer Nichols, Kendra Peart, Corey Ridley, Dillon Ross, Kelsye Smith, Brandon Stearns, Brooke Steele, Erik Taylor, Alyssa Timberlake, Ladesta Tracy.


High honors: Paige Butterfield, Nicholas Esty.

Honors: Denton Bilodeau, Casey Boulay, Samuel Brenner, Taylia Brewer, Amanda Castonguay, Katie Gordon, Luke Greenwood, Abbie Hartford, Emily Hartford, Emily Keene, Emily Lafleur, Brandon Mitchell, Jonathan Morse, Amia Pelletier, Samantha Richards, Deonte Ring, Tyler Ritter, Patricia Ryan, Devin Smith, Matthew Vigue, Destiny White, Laura Wilkins, Tara Williams, Lucas Wright, Yeola Yoon, Anthony York.


Highest honors: Liesel Krout.

High honors: Amber Delaney, Emily Mitchell.

Honors: Jasmine Bussiere, Matthew Cornelio, Katelyn Gervais, Gunnar Higgins, Mikala Holt, Amanda Laverdiere, Rylee Moore, Calleigh Norris, Alexa Perkins, Grace Ryan, Alex White, Thomas Young.


High honors: Camryn Berry, William Brenner, Alana Cole, Austin Darling, Trevor Doiron.

Honors: Patrick Bayrasy, Nicholas Cerullo, Devon Darling, Allyssa Ellis, Nathan Goodine, Ashley Greenleaf, Jade Hutchinson, Abigail Moreau, Austin Paine, Cassi-Mae Parker, Elijah Parker, Rachel Pike, Noah Preble, Kylee Reeve, Gabrielle Richards, Caitlyn Rollins, Kimberly Seitz, Nathaniel Steele.

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