PERU — Two German shepherds were quarantined Thursday after they killed a guineafowl, injured two other birds and attacked two goats, Animal Control Officer Sue Milligan said.

According to investigators, neighbor John Gallant’s dogs went onto the property of Steve Fuller and Nathalie Anctil on Stage Coach Road, where the attacks took place Thursday morning.

As Anctil stacked wood, the dogs attacked two goats, grabbing one by the throat, police said. 

When Anctil drove them away with a stick of firewood, they went after the guineafowl, killing one and injuring another, and wounding a chicken. Four other chickens were missing, Anctil said.

The yard was littered with feathers from the attack.

Anctil said the goats took refuge on the roof of the house, which is built into the side of a hill.


After taking a statement from Anctil, investigators talked with Gallant and ordered that his dogs be quarantined. Milligan said Gallant told her his dogs left his property without his knowledge. She said one dog has a current rabies vaccination; the other does not.

Milligan said charges would be filed. State law requires that dogs be under the vocal or physical control of their owner, she said.

Anctil said she and Fuller have two dogs and a cat that stay in their home, along with the goats. The dogs were in the house at the time of the attack, she said.

The dogs were confined because other neighbors, Jim Gallagher and David Briggs, have complained to town officials about Anctil and Fuller’s dogs running loose on Stage Coach Road, which is off Dickvale Road.

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