BANGOR – A Greenbush man was indicted this week by a Penobscot County Grand Jury on multiple charges that stemmed from an argument that began on Facebook.

Leathers this week was indicted on one count each of 18, Greenbush, aggravated assault, terrorizing, unauthorized use of property, criminal mischief, and assault. The charges stem from a June incident in Milford.

At that time Maine State Police received a report that a resident of Main Road in Milford heard a noise and looked out her window and saw Dakota Leathers, 18, standing outside, holding an object in his hands; in short order the woman heard a window shatter in her living room.

The woman, whose young granddaughter was in the living room when the glass was broken, went outside to speak to Leathers, but he had already left via vehicle. An 18-year-old woman who was also at the house said Leathers had been angry at her about comments she posted about him on Facebook. Both that woman and another also said they had seen Leathers fleeing the residence; one of them also told police that Leathers had claimed responsibility for the broken window on Facebook.

Leathers’ parents were contacted at their homes in Greenbush and Milford, and his mother told police he had told her in a phone call that he was going to return to the Main Road residence and kill everyone in the home. At the same time, police learned Leathers had taken his stepfather’s vehicle wihtout permission and in fact gone back to the home, where he struck one of the women with a weight plate from a barbell set. Sometime before then he had made another Facebook post, saying he was going to the Main Road home with weapons. He again left shortly before police returned, and was arrested a short time later at his stepfather’s home.

Leathers allegedly told police during an interview that he had gone to the house both times to prove a point, saying he was angry about the Facebook comments. He also said that when he returned the second time there were three men at the Main Road home, armed with baseball bats and a hammer; Leathers fled back to his vehicle when he saw them and retaliated by throwing several weight plates at them, including the one that struck the woman, who suffered possible broken ribs, and another that hit one of the men. Leathers, while allegedly telling police he had not meant to hit the woman, said she – and everyone at the home – deserved to be beaten. Police added that the vehicle Leathers brought to the residence the second time had numerous dents and scratches, as well as a broken rear window.


Other indictments handed up this week against local individuals by the grand jury were as follows.

Derrick Barnett, 40, of Old Town, one count each of gross sexual assault, domestic violence assault, and endangering the welfare of a child.

Robert Gelinas, 34, of Orono, one possession of sexually explicit materials.

Ryan King, 38, of Old Town, one count of theft by unauthorized taking.

Mark Loring, 33, of Milford, eight counts of violation of condition of release and one count of tampering with a witness,

Robert Thibeault, 23, of Greenbush, one count each of domestic violence assault and obstructing report of crime or injury.

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