JAY — A recalculation of figures for the 2014-15 tax commitment shows the town will have $83,913.03 less than anticipated for tax abatements but the tax rate will remain at $15.75 per $1,000 of property value, Town Manager Shiloh LaFreniere told selectpersons Monday night.

When Assessing Agent Paul Binette verified the numbers for the tax commitment prior to printing tax bills, he discovered there were two places that the computer did not pull in all the numbers needed, LaFreniere said. 

The figures affected were the homestead and the enhanced business equipment tax exemptions.

“Our computer program did not pull in all of the homestead exemptions due to nine accounts that were coded as partial homesteads,” she said. The total value was less than a full homestead exemption.

The enhanced business equipment tax exemption was also calculated incorrectly in the town’s system.

“When Paul ran the numbers on the state forms to verify that all of the calculations were correct, he found that the ratio used for reimbursement in our tax billing software was incorrect,” she said.

The values were adjusted on the tax commitment papers, leaving the tax rate unaffected, she said.

“The total overlay was reduced from $387,127 to $303,214.89,” LaFreniere said.


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