Since 2006, the town of Poland has paid Sen. John Cleveland more than a quarter million dollars for what I consider inadequate work.

I have seen first-hand the over-priced, under-delivered work he has furnished.

He recently made headlines for billing Poland $12,725 for a project that had his estimated cost of $6,900. What the headlines missed was that Cleveland’s job was to fix mistakes he was responsible for in the first place. Only now that the town auditor has corrected Cleveland’s work might the job soon be finished.

That pattern of inadequate work is common with Cleveland. He oversaw Poland’s $4.5 million “water line to nowhere,” and failed to secure businesses to hook up. Now Poland taxpayers are stuck paying $50,000 a year for unused water.

I have no confidence in John Cleveland’s ability to represent Poland residents, and simply cannot trust him with my tax dollars.

Poland voters should hold their elected politicians accountable.

Arthur Berry, Poland

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